Attempting to Change Tank Mesh while keeping functionalities the same

As the title suggest I’m facing complication switching Tank Meshes and keeping functionalities such as movement, aiming and shooting working.

The project is based of an Udemy course called The Unreal Engine Developer course by Ben Tristem.

Starting of with aiming, for starters I attempted to make the newly assembled tank I’ve gotten (from some website) aim towards the player tank but it refuses to do so. Throught the development of the course we are given tank to work with. However, I’d like to tweak some of the aspects of the game to my liking starting with switching the existing mesh with a new one. When I add the normal Tank which I have possessed as an enemy AI it acts accordingly by aiming at me, shooting and moving. I’ve simply copied the blueprint of the tank exchanged the meshes and made sure that everything was in order, the cpp file that is used by the tank is the same that is used by the new tank.

I’ve attempted to debug the situation be leaving the body and adding the turret and barrel of the other tank and it seemed to work perfectly. When I remove either the barrel or turret and add the other mesh it breaks again (the tank consist of 2 different parts that it relies on to aim, a turret and a barrel). The tank simply refuses to look and moves to the rightmost angle. (Picture posted below).

I’ve been attempitng to solve this issue for a couple of days now. It’s not the c++ classes thats the issue becuase the other tank set as an AI seems to be acting fine. The blueprint of the new tank and old tank are the exact same. I dont understand what is wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Something I think I have to mention is, that the new tank mesh is much smaller then the original tank mesh. I’ve scaled it up to 21 on all x, y and z axis in order for in to be around the old tank size. I doubt that the size of the tank is the issue but had to mention in since its the only difference between the two tanks tI can spot, other then that the blueprint and c++ are the exact same.