Attempt to access TRASH_*, is pending kill

When I hit Play → simulate (this is a Cinematic project), my debug script lists a the BP components. And you can see my Spaceship in the viewport.

A few seconds later, I spawn the particles. You can see them in the Viewport and all is good.

But now, when I play the sequence up a couple of frames, I get error messages. All the components of my BP disappear, both from the viewport and from my debug messages. But, the Niagara system has moved to the correct location, though it’s attached rotation has been lost.

The weird thing is that I have other BP ships that where created exactly the same and they work fine. I have studied ever other Answers and Forum post that has a problem anything like this but cannot figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem, any fixes?

I never really figured out what the error message meant. I did finally get it working, if I remember correctly, I think this is what happened.

As I mentioned in my original post, I have several spaceship blueprints with similar Niagara particle exhaust systems attached. Since they are all similar, I created them by copying and pasting from one blueprint to another. I am typically rabid about debugging and figuring out what is wrong and correcting. But in this case I became exasperated and just deleted the broken blueprint and built it again completely from scratch. Guess what, it worked.

Sorry, that may not be much help, but it’s all I got.

For anyone seeing this in the future, I managed to resolve this by going into class settings on the Blueprint and turning off “Run Construction Script in Sequencer”.