attching an item on pickup.

I have a pickup of a projectile and when I run over it I want to attach it to a socket on my player mesh.
I was thinking about having 2 blueprints, one for the pickup and one for the projectile.
and when I destroy the pickup I would attach the second blueprint to the player…
My question is, should I do that in the game level blueprint, or the player blueprint or in the pickup blue print?

any help is appreciated.

Imo, pick-up send the event to the player, and the playerBP spawn the proyectile.

The pick up could be as easy as the add event overlapping.

You could create a blueprint out of the static mesh and create a trigger box/sphere around it. Then add event begin overlap. Then create an event dispatcher: call in your blueprint to be able to communicate with the level hud.

Now in the level blueprint: add your event dispatcher and use this for… im not really sure what you want from know on. If you could be more precise i can draw the blueprint for you :slight_smile:

Hi Emptyless, why you need use the level blueprint?, the pick-up and the player can talk without use the level blueprint, and you dont need create references for each pich-up.