" Attack Racer " Tutorial - how to set Timer minutes to display at 60 a hour!?

Grettings Folks!

How may I in the " Attack Racer" Tutorial videio, set the minutes timer to work right? It just has in seconds and minutes, the seconds work fine, but the minutes dont change at 60 minutes to an hour! It just goes on into the infinit displaying in minutes!!!..

I got it to display the hours setup, but the minutes just does NOT STOP at 59 and change to 00, it just goes on adding in minutes!!!

…Thanks for any tips!!! :slight_smile:

Quite Easy

You have 3 x var, sec, min, hour.

When sec = 60, make sec “0”, and add 1 to min, When min = 60, make min 0 and 1 to hour, and you can do the same with days if needed.


May you examplify? :S


STart around 4:00min, it is part 3 in a example shooter tutorial, so you may need to adept part depending on your HUD.

Thanks! But…

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

…But I am looking foward to just do modifications on Wess Tutorial ( Attack Racer) part on “Timer Conversion”! how to change it to set minutes to work rirgt!

…its because I have a lot of work around this and just want to do it in a way that follows whats done…

What is link for tutorial

Link For tutorial attack Racer


Its a Good Tutorial!!!

Which video setup up the lap times?

Checkout Video nº8

To go direct to the timer setup checkout vídeo nº8

3 mins in and look like it is done very simular, you have to mod it, but should be easier.

Instead of doing 999 for , you would have 60 over 60

But going to watch the rest.

Missing my tv for you

edit, he is using a macro, so you would use it there, you can have 2-3 different VARs instead of one. But storing it as one then converting would make sense.

He is doing it, but is a more comprehensive manner. You could easily convert to to the other method I suggested.

It stoped at 1 min flat!

Setting the timeline to 60 60, it stops at 1 minute! :frowning:

…Think that the best option is to do something inside the Mackro, like i say, got the hour timer running, just not the minutes to work in 0 to 59!!! :frowning:

…Something is missing here or not setup right!!! just what? is the question!? I am not a proggramer!!! :frowning:

Funny !!!

Well! It looks funny! like “you are playing the game 2hours 124minutes” (“02:124:00”) :smiley:

…But unprofessional!!! (unprofessional work from my part)