Attack of the Giants mod(Conan Exiles)

Ok, I been looking for someone to take on this job now sense April 2015, so in another couple weeks it’ll literally be 3 years. I’m probably just wasting my time typing this out, but here goes…

I want to make an attack on Titan inspired Mod. wherein players can play PVP. against(or as) Man Eating Giants that are 60ft(18.288 meters) tall,

What i want to accomplish:

Stage 1. First i just want to make a giant that works. I’m thinking a “No Drop”(Can’t be looted) consumable potion that when you use it, it scales up the model to the size it needs to be and
scales up the players stats to what they need to be for that size,
It would also need to scales up the cameras(for both 1st and 3rd person) so you can see what you are doing, Adjust the models location, so they are sticking up out of the ground or floating, and match the movement speed up with the speed of the walking/running/sprinting animations, so you don’t look like you’re running on a treadmill when you walk.
and I would like to change the sound of the footsteps too booming, like when a avatar walks.

When I say “working” I mean a player that can move around, fight monsters and players, harvest from bushes, rocks, corpse, and trees, and gather any other mats they that normal sized players can collect. All the things that all players need to be able to do to survive.

Stage 2. Scaling up tools, weapons, and armor, this may be time consuming and tedious.

Stage 3. Frills.
Things like a stomp animation(I think we could probably rip the one from Mitra, and some kind of grab ability(so they can capture and kill/eat the human players). This will probably be really hard to do. And I’ll also look into scaling up furniture and crafting stations…

Yes, this Job is a paying gig. so please feel free to send me a private message if you’re interested, and we can hammer out the details and negotiating a price…