Attack from Outer Space | Playable RTX tech demo

Hello community!

Four weeks ago I decided to participate in the NVIDIA DXR spotlight contest and started working on a little project to familiarize myself with the new real-time ray tracing technology recently added in 4.22.

The result is this playable tech demo. For the setting I chose a miniature film set, built by an amateur filmmaker in the 70’s, shooting a scene for a vintage sci-fi movie in the vein of “War of the Worlds” and alike.

As a Martian robot your mission is to wreak as much havoc as you can. Level an entire main street of a rural town in america and make your fellow Martians proud!


I only tested this demo on my PC, which has a 2080 Ti. I therefore can’t guarantee stable performance on lower end cards, but feel free to give it a try.

Tech demo download:…

Gameplay trailer:



Wow! really impressive! congrats!

Seems to require a gamepad to work?

I was unable to hit the start button in the menu. Tried every key on the keyboard.

Hey. I just updated the build. Now you can play just with your keyboard. It’s not ideal though since the head rotation is supposed to be mapped to the controller thumbstick.


I just wanted to be able to see how it looks and runs on my computer, and now I can, so thank you!

No problem! So, how does it run? What are your specs?


A buttery-smooth 12fps on Ryzen 2700X + GTX 1080 Ti v430.86.

Seems to run really smooth on i5 6500 and Vega 56 8GB in 1080p (is there a way to turn on FPS in-game?).
But does it actually do ray-tracing on the Vega? The puddle reflections and shadows seem to be correct…

I tried to edit inis to run the demo in 4k and without those blurry stuff chromatic aberation dof to get ultra sharp image but cant. Even after editing and making file read only. Can you run demo in 4k? Also turned HDR on but didnt work either, is HDR implementation difficult into UE?

@Hypogenic To view FPS just hit F.

@GamersGen In the game, hit the tilde key to open the console and try the following commands:

r.DepthofFieldQuality 0
r.SceneColorFringeQuality 0
r.ScreenPercentage 125 or 150 or 200

I just gave it a shot on my rtx titan and it keeps forcing open steam vr, I’m getting fps in the low teens, and the laser effect and sound keep cutting out. latest windows updates and geforce drivers


The download URL needs fixing. It reads v1.0.1 but when clicked it goes to v1.0.0 download page.

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

is it lock at 1080p ? i dont understand theres no option for resolution, im native 4k and its running 20fps on my 2080ti, is that the good fps or ?

Had fun toying around with this demo, thanks for making it available!

Any chance for some insight on your post process/camera setup ? The volumetrics are also very nice. Lots of atmosphere in this demo!
Recorded a video and linked this thread:


Thanks Maxime, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Here’s a screengrab of the post process/camera setup. Nothing crazy really. As always it’s mostly about carefully fine tuning all aspects to create a visual result that is as coherent as possible.

Just came here to say how much I love the visuals and atmosphere of this little game! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can play it on my PC (GeForce GTX 960M)

This is really amazing. Thank you for sharing! (I was getting around 28-32 fps on RTX 2080)

Couldnt play… Stuck on loading for a minute or two… then rebooted…


64 GB Ram

Latest nvidia Drivers 430.86

@IdeaThing Thanks, I really appreciate it!
@OptimisticMonkey I’m sorry to hear that it’s not working on your system. :frowning: