Attack AnimMontage not playing after the other montage is played

I’m using Paragon Wukong character from Epic marketplace.

When I do a left click(primary attack), then attack montage is played. I added Right mouse click attack and when it’s montage is played, then the left click montage doesn’t play again. Same issue happened when I added HitReact Montages. When HitReact Montages were played, after than the left mouse click montage never gets played.

P.S. I’d made no changes in AnimBP.

Hello and welcome back to the community.

You current concern is quite interesting. I find that I may be lacking information to assist. Would you mind providing any of your blueprint work. I am quite interested in how you are implementing the [RMB] attack.

I have downloaded Wukong and adding [RMB] input to the Combo System Setup branch seems to function as expected. Which is why I am requesting an image or two of your work.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Did you find anything wrong in it?
SunWukongPlayerCharacter.uasset (518.8 KB)

Hello again winterturtle26,

From the asset you have shared, I found that your RMB functionality does not reset the RMB Attack Count value nor the RMB? bool value. This was only one concern. I do have a question:

Are you using the anim montages from the Wukong pack or did you make / acquire your own? There is an anim notify in the Wukong anims that calls Reset Combo. Would you mind checking that if the montages you have set have this anim notify? Feel free to just post images if you are comfortable doing so.

I look forward to your reply.