Attack Animation from Shinbi to Serath (Paragon)

I created Animation Montages based on the Tutorial on Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube
(the Attack Animation Part starts around 24 minutes in)
from Seraths Primary_Attack_A_Slow (and B and C) with DefaultGroup.UpperBody and two Notifies SaveAttack and ResetCombo. Then I set the montages in the Event Graph (in the Bluprint Class) in the three functions for “Play Anim Montage”.
The attack animation does not start if I click the left mouse button.

I also tried Unreal Engine Paragon Crunch : Attack Animation - YouTube
(at 1:24 )
and this too does not work. I am completly new to this and I hope someone can help me out or maybe had the same problem.
Thank you in advance.

Update: I was still using the shinbi player blueprint with the serath mesh and animations. Thats why they were missing. I did not move the testmap but instead copied it. So the reference to shinbis class blueprint was still there (You can see that the wrong class in the “World Outliner”). If you encounter this problem:

  1. Go into your test map for Serath
  2. Remove the Serath-Object with the ShinbiPlayerCharacter class
  3. Add the new Serath class with drag and drop
  4. If the character is selected, in the Details Window will be “Pawn”-Settings
  5. Set “Auto Possess Play” = 0 in “Pawn”

New Problem:
Serath now does the first hit once I click after pressing play but then never attacks again. I will redo the tutorial process from the start and hope I changed something I shoud not have changed while I tried to fix my actually non existent problem.

Again found the problem, if anyone else encounters this:
In Seraths Animation Blueprint the notifies for “SaveAttack” and “ResetCombo” were still casted to ShinbiPlayerCharacter.
I added a node in the Animation Blueprint (untag context sensistive, then you can search for it) and changed the cast to SerathPlayerCharacter.
The notifies triggers were not casted to her class.