Attack animation and aim offset blending

Hello everyone, I am made a simple animation that my character swings a tool. I am also using an aim offset so the character looks up and down, and now I am trying to mix the two, but I have quite a few problems. I am already using a “layered blend per bone” and set the bone name to “upperarm_r” so only his right hand will move. However, in the attack animation the character swings while looking in the middle. If I look up and attack, his right hand goes way too low. I created 2 more attack animations, one looking down, and one looking up, made a blendspace, but I am still not certain how to blend everything together. I tried using a boolean and a “Blend poses by pool” node to blend the blendspace I made with the 3 attack animations(up,down,middle) but I need to hold down the key to play the animation, if I release it the animation instantly stops. Can someone give me a few ideas about this problem?

Here’s a picture of my current setup:

bumping this, still haven’t found a solution

I followed a tutorial recently that solved this type of thing. Here is part six of it, scroll to around 11:00 and he goes into how to solve that issue where the hand goes weird when looking upwards.

Thanks but this is quite different from what I am trying to achieve.

Bumping this, I still need some help. There must be some way to make a nice and smooth animation that works with aim offset…