AttachToComponent doesn't generate EventHit

First off, I am able to generate EventHit with manually (offline) added components:

The setup looks like this:


And the debug in the pawn looks like this:

There are two different functions for AttatchToComponent and I’ve tried both, with the same result:

Not welding simulated bodies didn’t yield any tracking at all. It just froze the attached object in place in the world after the grip interpolation animation finished.

(The tooltip for both say “Attach this component to”… but what is “this”? Should it not say “Attach target component to”…?)

When I alt-tab from the VR preview back to the editor (which really is absolutely gobsmackingly INSANE, by the way), I get the following visual:

So it did attach, but if I only had this to go by, I’d say it attached to the wrong thing, however it tracks with the motion controller:

Now, the only warning sign I have is that the convex collider didn’t change color to red, perhaps. I have no idea if Unreal is actually that intelligent, but since the Editor reports the weird hierarchy that it does, I have no other visual indication. Oh, and the attached components no longer generates hit events with the attach point, at this point, actually (you can clearly see in the screenshot that they overlap and would have filled the screen with blue and orange prints before).

(Also, getting collisions to show up in the VR preview is weird. Setting collisions to visible in the editor does nothing. Setting the console command “show COLLISIONS” also does nothing in the VR preview. I had to do “show COLLISIONS 1” in the console of the editor to get it to show up in the VR preview, and now that command has taken over everything. I can only toggle colliders with that command now, which is annoying. Worse, even if I do, the red colliders on the controller won’t show up unless I also do the extra console command in the VR preview!)

Anyone have the solution for this?

(EDIT: By the way, ignore the “physics handles”. I experimented with them but they are too laggy for continuous use, so I actually want to switch them on for a second or so on the “EventHit” and also use them for recoil, but then switch back to attached which tracks the motion controllers better.)

Just to drive a point home, here is the gun mesh added in-editor under the pivot and it generates hit events:


(And you can also see the “bug” of all colliders showing due to the editor console command being activated, but the red pawn colliders are not showing due to me not running the same console command from the VR preview in this instance…)

EDIT: Things nice people from Discord wanted me to try with the same negative result:

  • Changing the order of disabling physics & attach to.
  • Trying the keep relative and snap to settings (I even disabled my own custom snap to animation).