AttachToActor returns empty when checking parent actor?

I’m spawning ActorB and attaching it to ActorA.

Then when I call “GetParentActor” for ActorB I get an empty/null result. Should it not be showing ActorA as the parent?

I think you want this instead:

I don’t think Attaching actors really reorganizes their hierarchy. GetParentActor is probably more for stuff like Child Actors.

edit: hmm that might only work for components.

Yes, and the Add Child Actor Component has unexpected results as well. You must first add the component, then specify it’s class after adding it, but you there is no option to Cast To xxxxx on the child actor component so I don’t see how the parent actor can communicate with it.

No that’s normal. The Child Actor component is a container (all components basically are) that contains a child actor class. In order to communicate to a child actor you need to Child Actor Component -> Get Child Actor -> Cast to XXX.

It’s the same thing with Widget Components in a Blueprint, the widget component itself is not the widget, it contains the widget.