Attachment animations not triggering

Hey all,

Got a bit of an issue I think. I’m doing some mech stuff and I have a character with a back unit with boosters that move based on what the character is doing (flying, running, and I got a skating movement too).


Initially I attached the boosters to the character blueprint, attached it to a spine socket etc and it worked just fine. Then to open the doors for switching gear in game later on, I made the back unit it’s own BP and spawned it in the character BP, and attaching it from there. It spawns and attaches just fine, but now the animations won’t work. I have the correct skeletal mesh in the Actor BP, along with the correct Animation BP.

Here’s a shot of the animation bp event graph. It gets speed and direction values from the character BP, along with different states like flying and skating.

Like I said, it worked when it was manually added to the character BP, but once I made it into it’s own BP, the animations stopped working. Is something to do with the Try Get Pawn Owner? I’m honestly not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any other screenshots.