Attaching USceneComponent to another Component

sorry for line 4 on 2nd code block:

FString start = Grabber->GetComponentLocation().ToString(); <---crashed on this line.

"Grabber" is just a TYPO on the post, doesn’t matter to the topic.

should be SceneComp → GetComponentLocation() though.

trying attach a USceneComponent to my UCameraComponent by codes below:

    //create components
    Camera = CreateDefaultSubobject<UCameraComponent>(TEXT("Camera"));
    SceneComp = CreateDefaultSubobject<UGrabber>(TEXT("SceneComp"));
    //attach Camera to current root
    //attah my SceneComp to Camera making it a hierarchy.

the result visually looks great in editor:




but when i try for getting world location of my SceneComp using GetComponentLocation(),

whole editor was crashed:

void AFirstPersonCharacter::BeginPlay()
    FString start = Grabber->GetComponentLocation().ToString(); <---crashed on this line.
    UE_LOG(LogTemp,Warning,TEXT("SceneComp is at: %s"),*start);

it seems like the way of attaching USceneComponent to another component was mistaken.
anyone could help?

FString start = SceneComp->GetComponentLocation().ToString();

Hey EvilCleric! you saved my life numberless times!
but my post here is sorta a mess.
i updated it with more coverd details on reddit,
attach a component which inherited from USceneComponent to another Component

could you have a look when you at convenience?
thank you!

btw, do you know is it possible to edit/delete posted post in UE4 answerhub?

Try protecting your pointer:

if (Grabber)
    FString start = Grabber->GetComponentLocation().ToString(); 
    UE_LOG(LogTemp,Warning,TEXT("SceneComp is at: %s"),*start);

Also, what is the UGrabber component?

Also, the crash log would really help.