Attaching to bone causing unwanted scaling!

My project was using AttachComponentToComponent() in blueprint at attach hair to someone’s head, it worked fine until now when I see the a new character scale up the hair when its attached so its too big. I’ve done this before and never seen it but I just switched to 4.27, could that be it? I don’t understand how the bone has a scale set. I can experiment and try with actors (outside blueprints in editor) and see that it happens there as well but it compensates, so I attach the hair and it looks the right size but it is scale = 0.8334534. Again I’ve done all this before and it never scales anything, any ideas?

Solved - there was unintended scaling in rigging program for whole skeleton. Still an odd and unintended side effect.

When you attach you have different options regarding the Scale (and not only)

You can in the BP Event Graph of the object you attach add a piece of code with “Set Absolute” - you select scale only and it will remain ABSOLUTE

now attaching it to other stuff won’t change what you’ve selected on the Set Absolute node ;]

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