Attaching skeleton mesh asset to actor [Networked]

hi guys im trying to use the weapons from the infinity blade pack. The trouble is they are not static meshes so i cant attach them in the normal way.
So how do i attach a skeleton mesh (Sword) to my character. The other thing is it is a networked game and the character is spawned in not sure if this changes anything thanks.

what so no one here knows the way to attach a mesh to a socket.

AttachActorToActor.jpg AttachActorToComponent.jpgAttachTo.jpg

i have tried these nodes but nothing seems to work. Or the way im doing it is wrong. Or maybe because the player is spawned in i have to wait before trying to attach the mesh to the socket because maybe when it tries to attach the mesh it hasn’t been spawned yet

The correct node to use would be Attach Actor to Component.

Target is the Weapon Actor (for this to work you will need a blueprint based on Actor that holds the weapon skeletal mesh)
In Parent is the Character Mesh
Socket Name is the name of the socket on your skeleton where the weapon will go.

For it to work via networking, you will need to set up an event that runs on the server, which then calls an event that is multicast to each client which calls this node. This way, every client will see the weapon attached to the correct character. Although, this might be one step too far, I’m not exactly sure if you need to have the multicast event.

Hope this helps!

Yeah i wasnt doing that. For testing the nodes i just dragged my character and the weapon mesh into the scene thenn created a reference to both of them in the level blueprint then i was just using event begin play, but couldnt get it to work.

What so i need to make the weapon into an actor blueprint first?? Actually thinking about it im going to have multiple weapons all with different attributes so really i need to make a base weapon blueprint class then for each weapon i can simply make a child of the base class change the stats and mesh. Thanks for the reply

That is actually how I’m doing it: a base weapon blueprint and then each weapon will have a blueprint that will be a child of the base blueprint.

Take a look at this tutorial here: It shows you how to create the base blueprint and what goes in it and then how to create child blueprints for each different weapon in the pack that he has (military weapons silver). If you need any other help, that site has great tutorials that I have used to create a prototype shooter of my own. As a reminder, however, the tutorials are set up for single player and not multiplayer. I have been working on making it multiplayer for the past few weeks and it can be difficult at first when trying to learn what goes where, but it gets better as you go along.

Hopefully, arbopa will release more of his FPS tutorial soon, which does include multiplayer. He has a long document in the WIKI that explains multiplayer setup, and he is currently working on weapons/shooting/damage.