Attaching randomised objects to Player

Hello there. I’m trying to get a randomised object (from 10 different types) to stick to one of 30 or so locations on the body of an animated character.

The problem I’m having is that Spawning the actor only seems to place it in the world - either the spawn is just at the hips of the character or its some how spawning with a random offset. I can’t work out where the offset comes from, even when I specify a bone name.

I can see videos for how you attach a weapon to a character - but I need this to be randomised from a list/array, and the sizes of the objects to be randomised, and the location selected from a list/array.

I’ve tried everything I can think of help!

  • I’m basically trying to make a catwalk where the clothes (made of random shapes) for the character are spawned randomly by the games engine, and that these objects stay on the body no matter where the character walks. -

Change the Keep Relative to Snap To Target or to Wolrd to get a different result, because relative if not mistaken takes the world position of the attached + the parent position.

Thank you I’ve tried messing around with that element but no luck - this screen shot is the sort of thing I’m getting. It’s like it can find the location and spawn or it can find the socket and spawn in a way that it’s with the character (moves with) but isn’t spawning at the socket itself.
I made it work fine on a static character, but the movement seems to mess it up as the location is moving.

Check the name of the socket and try to do snap to target to a bone on a mesh see what it does, because I don’t really see any problem here except those two parts.

still no luck.

I’m wondering if I can add a component in the character view port and then use the event graph to randomise the mesh. That way, I’m not trying to get the object to stick to the character, it’s part of the character already. ?

So yes, that has solved it.
Basically I can add any number of positions on the body using just a basic mesh - like a cube, placed into the third person character viewport, and then using the following to randomise it.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to add randomness to the rotation, position and number of them, now I’ve got access to a specific part of the character, which when a mesh is spawned moves with the character.