Attaching Player to Rotating Object

I’ve got a first-person pawn which I’ve attached to an actor. The parent actor translates and rotates.

When the parent actor translates, the player’s view translates along with it.

When the parent actor rotates, the player’s view does not translate along with it, but instead retains its world position.

I’ve tried this code in a tick function to address the issue:

		FRotator DeltaParentRotation
		    		= CurrentParent->GetComponentRotation() - ParentRotationOnLastTick;

		APlayerController* PlayerController
			        = UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerController(GWorld, 0);

		if (PlayerController != nullptr)
			FRotator NewControlRotation
		    		= PlayerController->GetControlRotation() + DeltaParentRotation;

When using this code the player’s yaw and roll are synced with the parent actor, but the player’s pitch is not.

(Please note that I’ve got Use Controller Rotation Pitch and Use Controller Rotation Yaw checked on the Pawn Blueprint Class. I’ve not got Use Controller Rotation Roll checked.)

Thanks in advance!