Attaching particles to a Geometry Cache


I was curious if anyone knew of a way to attach particles to an object with Cascade or Niagara, specifically a alembic geometry cache and have particles emit from the location of the animated object.

I’ve seen that you can do it with a skeletal mesh but wasn’t sure how or if it was even possible with a geometry cache.



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Hi Nathan,

I’m facing the same problem of not getting the Alembic geometry cache to work with Niagra. StaticMesh & Skeleton mesh works fine but I’m working with Photogrammetry point clouds in .XZY and Volumetric Capture in .ABC

Did you find any work around?


I would look into Houdini’s plug-in with Unreal. I have it working with point cache abc from my volumetric capture. You only need the free apprentice licence to get it working.

Hey there have you had any luck with working this out? Facing the same issue atm.

i hope it will suppot in UE soon… for now yes it works on skeletal mesh

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try skeletal mesh, might be easier then how I “solved” the problem. By attaching a sphere to my animation, then exporting that as an FBX, and then adding a socket to that, then hiding that mesh haha. A very round about way but I’m new to unreal, and it worked for now :man_shrugging:

Facing the same issue. Geometry cache support would be amazing!