Attaching multiple mesh together as one

I have to use assets from Megascan but I need to have closed mesh as a model to repeat. Which is the best way to do that?

I’ve been trying Convert Actors to Staticmesh but it doesn’t compound them (like 3DSMax for instance) as one.
So, is there a way to do that instead that entering a 3D software, work on it and export the new object as FBX?

There’s a merge Actors function. Select multiple static meshes/actors and right click. It will bring up a dialog with details and controls.

There are also mesh modeling tools but you need to enable the plugins and restart.

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I was trying even Mesh modeling tool months ago but it wad still in beta… I have to try all them in a separate project and make some experiments,
thank you very much buddy, I’ll be back :slight_smile:

ok, in I’ve been trying both tools. Mesh modeling also provide MeshBoolean , something like 3DSMax, which is the best solution to cut out unwanted and unused polygons in this case?