Attaching multiple actors through skeletal mesh?


I’m trying to spawn actors and attach them toghether in a line. I also want some of the actors to be/contain a PoseableMesh, or similar, so that I can set the angles and create a “joints”. I also want each actor to simulate physics!
How should I attach these together?

I’ve tried creating a “joint”-actor with PhysicsContraints and it seems to work for some configurations, but fails when there are too many actors and/or due to actors mass.
I’ve also tried using/importing skeletal mesh and adding it to an actor, but I cannot seem to get them to attach properly to other actors.

How would you create this:
[Actor] ↔ [Actor with poseable mesh]<-> [Acotor]

Btw, I’m generating the configuration at runtime, so I can’t just make a full skeleton.
And all actors have the same c++ parent (actor) class.

I dont know exactly what you are trying to do. But why dont you just update the position of the actors in tick and put them in a line?

Ah, I’m trying to simulate physics on the whole thing by using AddForceAtLocation() in c++ during Tick(). So I cannot set location directly.
Basically I want the resulting collection of attached actors to be able to drive around using PhysicsThrusters.