Attaching Model to Models

Hello Unnreal Engine 4 Community,

I am creating s small 3D Game with the Unreal Engine 4 to learn the Engine a bit. Now I want to create a Statue. I have two different Models one for the Body and one for the Head. I imported the both Models with Animations etc.
I can create a Body with an idle Animation. The Body has a Skelleton and physic model. Now I want to connect the Head to the Body Heads Bone. I don’t know how to do this can anyone help me pls ?

If there are Informations missing pls answer, because I don’t know what Information you need.

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Try this approach perhaps.

Assuming the head is a component in your character blueprint, you can use Copy Pose from Mesh in the anim graph of the head anim BP.

To set that up, first export the head with the same skeleton as the body, then create an anim BP for the head. In the event graph drop a Try Get Pawn Owner node, then cast from it to your character BP. From the cast node result get the skeletal mesh component (defaults to Mesh) and right click the Get node result and save that as a variable and call it MeshRef or something.

In the anim graph drag out the MeshRef variable and from that do Copy Pose From Mesh, then hook that into the final animation pose. After that just set up the head mesh to use the head anim blueprint and you should be good to go, the head will copy the bone movement of the body head bone.

Note that Copy Pose from Mesh doesn’t really require the same skeleton/bone hierarchy, it will just use whatever names match, but by using the same skeleton for the body and the head you can animate in your 3d software and see both the body and head move at the same time which can be useful.