Attaching mesh to existing mesh skel


I’m currently working on a mod for Ark. Anyways, I’ve made lots of armor and got all the game files ready. The issue I’m having is where to start. I’ve already imported my mesh and applied materials to it in UE4, but how do I attach my current mesh that I made to a preexisting mesh skeleton. I feel like it should be prety straight forward seeing how I just want to attach it to the “head”. I’m starting small. Any help or insight on where to look or start would be great. I’ve been watching lots of tutorials on UE4 but nothing yet that really answers the question.

You will have to add a socket + attach the mesh to it -> (works nearly the same when you do it in an actor bp) :slight_smile:

Thank you, I managed to figure that much out . Do you think I would have to add the mesh its attached to as well? What I mean is in my folder I have my mesh , but seeing how I’m attaching it to another models skeleton do I have to add that mesh as well?

You will have to add it to your bp, spawn it in your level or place it in your level :slight_smile:

Okay, in the blueprint where would I reconfigure it to point to my mesh? I can’t seem to find it.Thanks for your fast replies :slight_smile:

It depends in which bp you want to add it -> e.g in the character bp = You just add it in the component tab + then get a reference to it and attach it :slight_smile: