Attaching head and body recorded sequence

Warning - I have not tried this yet, but I will update if this works:

So if you’re a noob like me and wanting to blow your brains out because the head is detaching itself from the body after you’ve tried to load in your fbx captured data to the body and live recorded your face using the sequencer.

I’ve found something here on youtube that may help.
Skip around to the 33min mark.

  • make sure the body parts are set to disable post process blue print. Key frame it so it wont reset.

  • disable livelink if you’ve been using it to stream to capture.

  • head - click on animation - change to use animation asset. Keyframe that too.

seems to of worked for this guy. I’ll try this later on. Please let me know if you find anything else that may be helpful too.

  • if this still doesn’t work it could be the way you retargeted your unreal skeleton, or it may be a blue print issue. That I have no idea.

CREDIT: [Rokoko] - rokoko animation hour

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Thanks for this, I’m having similar issues (in UE5) so hopefully this will help solve things. Has anyone got more information on why this is happening? The video implies that this is a workaround rather than a solid solution.

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