Attaching equipment to characters that follow their rig?

Hey everyone,

I have a skeleton enemy in my game and I want to randomize them a little bit. How I want to achieve this is by adding articles of clothing, like big stompy boots and bulky gloves. The main problem I need to figure out is how to get these models to attach to the main rig, and also have them deform properly, as the glove had fingers that need to move with the rig.

Of course I need to rig the glove mesh as well, but how do I get the bones to copy the movement of the main skeleton rig?

Take a look into bone controllers - you can have the bones of your glove match the bones of your fingers, or be driven by them in different ways (in the animation blueprint).

So you’d basically attach the skeletal meshes for your gloves to the hand node, then in the animation blueprint, set it up so that the finger joints drive the joints in the glove.

I looked into bone controllers, did a bunch of research, and then tried several methods, and none of them worked! I am at a complete loss :c. Do you have a method that you could perhaps show me?