Attaching clothes to rigged body

I made a top but don’t know how to attach to body?When I just move that budy it happens like this

And if I want make switchable vest and helmet what I have to do ?

Hi Trolltime

Have you checked out the documentation on Modular Characters?

I’m happy to answer questions on this if there is something that is confusing. Just don’t want to be too redundant :slight_smile:

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Howdy would you mind letting me know how the skeletons attach to eachother via the modular characters section. As the documentation comes with no visible representation of the bones each component holds.

Would I need to export the whole skeleton or must i Export only the arm and the bones in it? I cannot tell from their wording. I would like to simply export the whole character on a skeleton then export parts, such as an arm. Right now I assume I would simply delete the rest of the body but leave the skeleton INClUDING the legs. BUT the documentation does not make it look like that’s what’s happening. Instead their photos rather give the impression they deleted the leg bones before exporting to unreal.

Which makes no sense to me because to attach my arm I must use a bone that goes into the shoulder. Would my chest then also contain the shoulder bone? and would they conflict in animation or combine?