Attaching Camera To Movement Inputs

So I’ve started with the base Rolling Ball template and I’ve figured out how to rotate the camera around the ball (Similar to third person gameplay). But because the ball uses torque to move I’m having trouble making it so that looking in another direction then pressing the movement keys moves the ball in the direction of the camera. For example; If you turn the camera 180 degrees then pressing forward (W) causes the ball to go backwards.

I’m fairly new to this engine and I have a coursework deadline to meet, so any help is appreciated!

I never checked the ball template so i might be completely wrong here. If you are using add control rotation to move the camera, it means that the torque added to the ball is calculated based of the control rotation. This means that you should leave control rotation alone. :slight_smile: Instead use your move camera inputs to rotate camera’s spring arm itself.
Ill say again, im not sure how the ball template is made so…