Attaching Body Tracked Hand to Tracked Weapon

Hi Guys,

We are trying to detach our characters hand mesh from our body tracking source so it can attach to the weapon with an animation. The hand and the weapon are tracked seperatly.

The way to go would be FABRIK IK but it is not really attaching and just pointing into the desired location. The solution at the moment we have is to attach it by socket but the hand lags behind horribly.

Would the problem maybe managable with virtual bones? Just heared of it but not familiar. Because also on overlap event with hand colliders, they still should be attached to the bone of the tracked source otherwise there will never be an end overlap event when the player is taking his real tracked hand away from the tracked weapon.

Thanks a lot in advance! Hope there is a master in UE who can help!



Mostly curious here, but aren’t you going to make people puke if you move what they think is their hand while their actual hand isn’t moving?

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Thanks for the interesst. The movement should be just very slightly and more as a form of correct representation of the hand. As the fingers are not tracked we want to do an animation and a final pose for the hand on the weapon. Just with the animation, the hand would be mostly a bit off.