Attaching blueprint object to skeletal meshes socket

I am trying to attach an object on a skeletal mesh using the step described in the documentation.
I wanted to push it a bit further and instead of attaching a simple static mesh, i want to add an actor(blueprint with his own script) to a socket.

How would i do that ? Someone could write an exemple blueprint ?
I am totally lost on how to make it work, i cannot get my blueprint object to work with the attach actor to component node. Adding the variable as object or actor would not work,couldn’t find any cast either,

Any idea ?

Did you tired child actor component?

Unless i do not understand childactorcomponent, i do not believe it is what i am looking for.

The Attach Actor To Component node SHOULD work.

My problem is most likely the way i am using/understanding variables.

Attach Actor To component require an "object"Actor and the object with the blueprint is a "object"Blueprint.
I cannot get it to work in the input node of Attach Actor to Component.

I figured it out !
Since my character and object were not placed in the level, i had to spawn an instance of them to ba able to get it as an Actor.

I used the node Spawn Actor, selected my blueprint actor class, and then passed it as an Actor.

Im trying to do the same thing. A StaticMesh attaches fine to my character but a SkelMesh doesn’t work.
How did you spawn an instance of them exactly Reboot - would you mind elaborating on that?