Attaching an Apex Static Destructible Component to an Actor crashes the engine..?

I’d like to use ApexStaticDestructibleComponent’s in one of my actors.

It seems that whenever i attach the component, it crashes the engine.

I know i can spawn ApexDestructibleActor, but it’s a bit annoying I can’t just attach the component myself to whatever actor I like.

I’m guessing there’s some native functionality in the ApexDestructibleActor that the component needs.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Sorry man. I never did get destructible actors working in my own game. It seems like Epic intended them only to be placed and destroyed in a specific way. I’d be interested in seeing your updates if you can figure out any kind of custom usage.

UDK (and UE4 also with the simulate option) lets you pack meshes into the same space. After changing the physics type it creates a kind of dramatic explosion effect (as the meshes repel each other). So its similar to an apex setup (if you can’t get apex working).

You can even use the scale option to shrink the meshes until the explosion is needed. There are a couple of caveats to this. The actor / component that the meshes are attached to may be affected (thrown about) by the explosion, unless you temporarily disable its movement.

Also since you’re not actually breaking any meshes, you’ll have to design the static mesh chunks or compress them differently each time (change transforms) in such a way as they look believable when separated. I’ve used this in UDK a lot, and while it doesn’t have the finesse and options of apex maybe, it can look effective, especially the bigger the explosion.

Thanks for the responses. I use apex destructable meshes a lot in my game for destruction effects on player build bases, and on various other in games items. They have worked pretty well for me.

Another example:

I use Apex PhysX Lab 1.2.1 (2.8.4) to create the apex assets, and then control when they should fracture through script (rather than relying on the vanilla fracture triggers).

However, it’s just a bit annoying that I have to spawn ApexDestructibleActor’s, rather than just using the component that that actor is using. There must be native dependencies that the component it referencing.

I did use destructible when a shiel gets destroyed emmh I found it kind off complicated and also not that much of a deal, But hey no crashes for me. On that GOTA game. Gladiators game.