Attaching actor to player camera view?

I know this sounds similar to what i just posted, but it’s not, trust me :wink:

I’m trying to attach an actor (that has a static mesh component) that I want to appear in front of the players view.

The camera doesn’t seem to update it’s location, so instead I’m setting the location of this actor every tick using:

MyPlayerController.GetPlayerViewPoint(cameraLoc, cameraRot)

The trouble is that when I move, it seems to slightly lag behind, which causes motionblur to occur on the mesh and looks kinda awful.

Any ideas on how I can fix it solid with the camera?


Does it keep up if you move it in TickSpecial instead of Tick?

Just tested with tickspecial and it was the same result. I wonder how Weapon is able to do it with no blur…

How about your PlayerController.PreRender()? Does help you find a good place to update the position?

For anyone interested, using the PreRender() function in PlayerController fixes this issue. Thanks for the link @Nathaniel3W