Attaching a weapon to the camera

I’m making an FPS, but using the third-person template (with the camera attached to the mannequin’s head). I’ve created an event whereby if the player presses [E] while inside a specific area, a gun will spawn at a socket on the player character’s hand.

But since it’s actually a third-person character, the gun doesn’t move with the camera. Is there any way I can spawn the gun onto the camera instead of a socket on the third-person mesh? Can I create a socket on the camera? Any advice?

In general, you don’t need a socket to attach stuff and you can attach any actor to any actor. Try having your [E] event attach the gun to the camera (AttachToActor node with Socket Name = None) and, right after it, call SetActorRelativeLocation / Rotation or Transform on the gun to define it’s positon in relation to the camera. Alternatively, you can create another socket on the mannequin’s head for the gun. It should work just the same, unless you’re planning to move the camera from the mannequin’s head at some point and want the gun to follow it…

@PeaceSells_ Ugh, don’t know why I was making it so complicated. That worked swimmingly. Cheers mate.

Don’t worry, that’s normal…