Attaching a self-buff to a skill

Hi all, new modder here. I’d like to be able to attach a self-buff to a skill (more specifically, I’d like a roar to give a self-buff while also applying an AOE buff to all nearby creatures and players). It seems simple enough, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I see how a buff could be applied to your target, such as through a bite, but not to yourself. Any suggestions?

So… it’s not possible then?

Well you can use the StaticAddBuff node to add the buff and in the buff use the AEO settings.
To add the buff on roar you have to enable BP Do Attack in the dino’s character blueprint and then override the DoAttack function.
In that function check for the attack type of the roar - usually 2 I think - and apply the buff to self.

Hmm, ok I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!

Errr, where would I find those exactly? Are you sure that those are the current names? Sorry if I’m missing the obvious, but even using the search function I can’t find either one of those things. :confused:

The StaticAddBuff node only shows up if you untick the context sensitive.
BPDoAttack is a function of Dino_Character_BP and can be found in the panel on the left side (you need to right click -> implement to access it)

Another option is to use an animation notify to apply the buff

Hmm, I guess I’ll need to get a little more familiar with the Unreal Engine itself before I can get this into the mod. Alright then I’ll look into this stuff when I get the time. Thanks again guys.