Attaching a physics actor to a player character (Blueprint)?

Hey all. I’m making a game where the player is a narwhal in a largely destructible environment, and accidentally breaking anything with their horn causes them to lose. I have everything setup and completely functional, except for one issue: the collision on the horn.

The horn is a static mesh component within the character blueprint. Because of this, the collision on the horn is overridden by the player. For the most part, it does work. Touching a breakable object with the horn does break it and cause a game over. However, the horn clips through walls and isn’t blocked by anything. Regardless of a physics actor’s weight, it will push it out of the way with ease.

My understanding is that since the character collision overrides the collision of any components, it won’t allow the attached components to prevent the player from moving. Is there any way around this? Ideally I would like the horn to block the player altogether, so if the player bumps into a wall with the horn, it stops them dead in their tracks. I’ve spent hours digging around on YouTube and Google as well as experimenting with different set ups, but nothing I’ve come across so far has worked. Is there any way to do this without rewriting the character movement component? Thanks.

tl;dr I’m trying to make a static mesh component within the player character blueprint properly interact with physics and block the player. Is this possible without rewriting the movement component?