Attaching a cine camera to a vehicle in the Matrix City sample to record an image sequence


I want to record an image sequence from the perspective of a car inside the matrix city sample. The only way I can imagine this works is by selecting a random vehicle inside the level blueprint and attaching a camera to it. I made the following code:

So first I wait 10 seconds until some vehicles have been spawned. After that I get an array of all vehicles of one class. If there is one I get the mesh of this car and attach the camera to the root bone. After that I adjust the position to be in front of the vehicle.

This works, but only in the normal simulation mode. If I try to render the sequence with the movie render queue the camera always gets set back to the view under the vehicle (which I cant understand why)…
So the position is only correct in simulation mode. In movie render queue it is wrong…

Does someone have another idea why this could be the case or how to generate high quality sequences from a cars perspective in this environment?
Thanks a lot and have a good day :slight_smile:

Also attaching to other bones and components does not work.