Attaching a Cart to a Spline


I have made a very simple spline track (IN Landscape), what is the next step in being able to put a cart on in it?

Or should I be creating this in a blueprint and not in Landscape?



I would do it outside of the Landscape Tool but only because then I know how to access the Spline component via Blueprint. Because if you can access it then you dont need to attach your cart to the spline. You can just work with the Spline function accessable in blueprint. I’d start with a constant speed of the cart, that makes things easier to begin with and use for example (there is more then one way) “Get World Location at distance along spline”. With a constant speed you can calculate what distance your cart will travel each second and set this position every tick. That will not look very good at first because you do not take rotation tagent etc into account. But with the rest of the spline function it will be doable to make it look good. You should also be able to calculate a dynamic speed depending of the spline bending (be fast when it goes down and be slow when it goes up)-

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I was looking in World Blueprints, and it appears that you can grab a Spline there but with no references :(. I have seen a TUT for 4.0 where he did a Spline in Landscape and was able to attach Chair to it. So there must be away, but very hard to find info on attaching a mesh to a spline and making it move.

The only issue I have with BP_splines is that my Mesh always comes in side ways. If I try to rotate it, it disappears. Other than that, I like the blueprint way.

How do you attach a cart to a spline?