Attaching a camera boom to a bone socket?


I want the camera boom to copy the location of a bone socket, to allow me to switch back and forth between third person view and a first-person view similar to this excellent Skyrim mod.

Being new, I have the easy part down - press button, things happen. I’ve created a bone socket for the head. I have no idea where to go from here, or if this is even possible with blueprints.

Is this possible with blueprints? If so, can anyone give some guidance on how I might go about doing this?
If not, can someone give some guidance on how to do this with C++? I have VS setup, I just haven’t the foggiest idea how C++ works with UDK.


You can manually set the relative location of the camera, no need to attach it to anything. Simply drag the camera component into the event graph and run a Set Relative Location I think it’s called. You could even go into the component tab and add vector points for each camera location, so one at the head and one further away, maybe with a slight rotation. To make things smoother, you can use a timeline to flow between the two points.

you can also go into the component tab section of your character BP & just attach a boom w/ camera to your character from there, lot easier than using a socket to do it, both can be positioned within the component tab. (add component on left side to get you started)

just search for the various tutorials on this subject for the perspective switching or a regular zoom, to familiarize yourself with the subject. gl

if you attach to a socket you get the animation affecting your camera (bob, weave and roll) which some people want. Attach a socket to the skeleton bone of choice (make sure the bone is orientated correctly btw or can affect the entirety of what is connected to it) then attach the camera boom to said socket. This will give a more realistic camera movement according to the movement of the skeleton it’s attached to. But be warned, allot of people are also turned off by this as it can induce motion sickness in a small percentage of people.

good replies. all are viable options, that is why I mentioned searching a bit so OP can find the option or combination that suits his needs. I’d do a lot of research and try out different approaches, cameras & camera handling can get complex with unique effects on gameplay.

so many ways to do some things in UE4 that it can get confusing but does allow for more options, even in BPs

You guys say “just attach it to the socket” like that’s some kind of trivial thing that everyone knows how to do. ;~;

Edit: Oh. That’s because it’s some kind of trivial thing that everyone knows how to do.

Why is it that everything I think is going to be very complicated in UE4 ends up being extremely easy?

All I had to do was literally just drag the camera boom onto the mesh, then go down to the “sockets” menu on the camera boom afterwards and select the socket I made.

I was thinking way too hard ;~;

Thanks for the help.