Attaching a Blueprint Class to my Character, Changes the Visual of that Class

I have created a Blueprint Actor Class, and inside I have placed 2 geometry meshes, a particle effect and a Trigger Volume (Collision Sphere).

I also created a socket attached to the right hand of my character.

The goal here is to attach the Blueprint Actor when my character presses the Use Action. I’m doing this with the following blueprint, in my Character’s Blueprint:

The problem is that when the item attaches to my Character, it changes visually. In the image below you can see how the item looks before is attached (on the left) and after (on the right):

Both Meshes and the Particles change dramatically.

Last, I don’t if it matters, but in my content browser the thumbnail shows for some reason the visual that is attached to the player, even though when you edit it, it shows the torch. Check the image:


Any thoughts? What I’m doing wrong?

Anyone ?

Snap to target copies scaling information too. Try checking the scale information of the Torch socket in Persona (skeleton).

I found out what was the issue.

Inside the torch blueprint components, I didn’t have a Root Component. Everything was getting the scale from a mesh that was part of that said blueprint.

After reconstructing the torch but this time with a Scene Root as the Parent Component and everything else as a child, both issues were resolved.