Attaching 2 non-physics actors so that both can be grabbed and still have the other actor follow

Existing Objects: I have two basic actors that just have a static mesh, a collision, and a few scene components all of which have simulate physics off. I have a line trace that attaches the first dynamic actor that it hits to a scene component on my controlled pawn so my pawn can “grab” these actors.

Main Question: Is there a simple way to attach the actors so that I can grab one at a time and the actor that I grab will bring along the other actor?

Current Functionality: I have it so that the first actor attaches the second actor to one of its scene components when they overlap. I can then grab and release the first actor and it brings the second actor along with it. However, dropping the pair and grabbing the second actor does not bring the first actor along with it. Is this a parenting thing? Do I have to redo the attachments at the time of the grab with my pawn?
Thanks for your time