Attached weapon physics simulation - how to?

Hi, everyone

We have a TP player model that has a rifle attached to the socket on the back and it’s detached when equiping. I haven’t found any tutorials on this exact topic. Can anyone please point me towards the most “righteous” way of physics simulation for any stuff attached to character (grenades, weapons, etc.)?

You can add a socket to the skeleton of your character and use something like that - Spring Joint (see

That’s a bit not what we need: it’s the tutorial how to bring bounciness to the certain body parts :slight_smile: And what we need is a physics simulation for another actor that is attached to our actor - a gun and a player’s model

I haven’t tried something like that, but…

I don’t think it’s just a “bounciness”, it’s a sort-of physics simulation according to the movement animation. There you can not only set an offset values (like in the tutorial), but also a rotation angles.
You can set a socket being bouncy and attach a weapon mesh to that socket. The attached mesh has to have a physical representation (for skeleton meshes - physics asset). But I’m not sure whether the weapon’s mesh will collide with the character’s mesh. So you’ll have to figure out the corresponding values to prevent meshes from penetration.

Sorry, but that’s not the case - socket is already moving with the character but weapon is stuck in one position

Another way is to properly set up Physics Asset. You’ll have to add a bone at the position where a weapon is attached. Further you can make this bone produce physics simulation. Follow me =)

Suppose you’ve added a bone. Open PhatEditor. Find the bone in the list, add a box/sphyl body. Make the physical body big enough to include your weapon’s mesh. Having the body selected set it’s Physics Type to Simulate. You’ll probably have to play with constraint settings.

Good luck!

Thanks, but i’ve tried this (and all the stuff related to it) and still nothing happens - weapon is tied to a socket solid

In this video, I have explained how to attach a weapon to the back of the character and simulate the hanging physics for the weapon.
Tutorial :weapon socket physics