Attached sound doesn't stop on attached component destruction

I am trying to do a simple blueprint that sets the player on fire when walking on a trigger. That includes spawning a fire emitter and playing a fire sound for the time the emitter exists.

This is my blueprint :

It works fine except for the sound part. I have tried some variations but I cannot make the sound stop when the emitter is destroyed.

My guess was that calling DestroyComponent on “EmitterOnLeftArm” would shut the sound down as the sound is attached to this element and the property “Stop when Attached to Destroyed” is true.

However, walking on the trigger does reset the emitter spawned but it does not stop the sound. The sound adds up indefinitely.

This is my first blueprint, do you see what is wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

(PS : the actual blueprint is more complex but I have removed all the unnecessary bits in order to have the simpler possible example.)

Hi N0rgannon

I think this is a bug with the engine itself.
I created a new project and tried a couple of different setups. I could not get the sound component to be automatically destroyed. Instead, I stored a reference to it and remove it manually.

Hopefully, this should be a quick workaround to your problem.

Thanks for the workaround. Quite unlucky to find a bug in the engine on my first blueprint haha