attached props dissapear in sequencer

hey guys

getting to grips with sequencer as its a great tool for putting together scenes for my job. now I am making a cinematic at the moment and all going well, until I realised some actors in my current scene were from the previous shot?
say for eg I am doing shot 8 of a long corridor and 2 people running down, then in shot 9 they are having a fight at the end of the corridor, in shot 9 I can still see the actors from shot 8, so I worked out, if I make the actors spawnable and all is good :slight_smile:

that’s that problem solved, ok onto problem 2. which I cant figure out.

so I have my character who has a axe, I drag axe in the world outliner and attach to his right hand, and all is good, animation working well but if I make him a spawnable because again I don’t want to see him in the next or previous shots, then the weapon detaches and I cant get it to stay in his hand.

cannot figure out a workaround.

any ideas would be great, thank you :slight_smile:

make sure both the character and the axe are in the sequencer

use an attach track on the axe and parent it to the hand bone socket

thank you, will try this :slight_smile: