Attached props disappear!

hey UE heads

ok I attach a sword to my character in sequencer but when i hit play the sword disappears and when i hit F to find it, its on the other side of the map!
I have spent hours looking on youtube and trying to work this out and cannot find anything!
I bring it back to the hand, but again when i hit play it zooms to the other side of the map!

any ideas please?

thank you!

Did you disable physics before attaching?

Thank you for replying. Physics on my character? Or the sword? Don’t think they are physics applied to the sword but the character has cloth physics enabled.
Could this be the problem please?

Is physics off on the sword?

Thank you so much for replying.
Gravity is on but simulate physics is off. I can’t understand it, I have used sequencer a lot and never had this problem before.
Just to give more info, the character is from iClone and brought in via unreal live link, and the sword is a separate object I imported but I can’t see this being the cause of it.

What about if you skip the sequencer and just connect the sword to the character on begin play, in the character BP?

weird, i just did a test by adding a basic sphere and didn’t work, made sure it was set to moveable. But now its working?? I toggled static and moveable.
Gonna reimport my sword (which was made in Blender) and see if any better! Might be a bug?

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Hmmm this is hit and miss, sometimes its working and others not. Not changing any settings, got the sword working but then doesn’t appear in sequencer when rendered video. Could it be my export FBX settings from Blender i wonder?

I’m not sure really. But the only time I’ve seen objects flying off during play, is to do with collision.

OK update. exported again from Blender but this time i checked apply transform in the FBX export settings and now seems to work. Will double check with a couple other items.

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OK also on further testing it was adding objects to sequencer with transform applied so when i deleted that, it worked as intended! very weird!
Anyways thanks for replying and maybe this could help someone with similar problems.

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Strange… :smiling_face:

It may be that the sword is quoted from another location, or the sword is static

No as i said above its set to moveable. might be a weird bug. This is just a test scene so when i make my other project will see if it happens then.