Attached object to socket and world collsion


Probably a stupid question, but I cant figure out how to get a object attached to a socket in a BP collide with other things in the world.

AttachActorToComponent. Inputs are the target Component (Root Component of your actor you want to connect to), the socket name you want to connect to (optionally) and the attachment-settings (snap the object / apply socket-scale etc). Collison works like for every other object. If you don’t want to collide it with the connected socket-actor, call the node 'Ignore Actor.

Actually I’m trying tot attache stuff to a vehicle, testing on the buggy in the Vehiclegame and if I just put a object in the BP it works but if i attache to a socket it has no collision.

A little bit of research showed that this seems to be a common problem. You are using BP’s, but yet I only found a solution in C++, maybe you want to read into it. Collision when using attached actors - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Ok thanks!

Darn sockets :smiley:
I’ll try to use the Get Socket Transform instead and use that transform to positioning my static meshes adding em with a plain Add static Meshes Component.


Yes I am struggeling with them and collision also ^^