Attached entity 'bobbing'?


I have on my first-person character setup, several components nested such as point lights and a helmet and a helmet light which all works great. I have a camera bob which makes the camera move up and down in time to simulate the character walking and works nicely. However, the helmet light is not subject to this bobbing effect even when attached to the camera itself and I want it to move up and down slightly to add to the realism.
I hope that’s clear what I want to happen but I cannot think of the easiest way to make this happen. Timeline?

Can someone help with some ideas or an example would be better please?

Thank you

If it’s attached to the camera object then it should be moving with the camera. Can you post a screenshot of the hierarchy of the player?

Also, you might want to check the character while the game is running to see if the light is still attached to the camera. Maybe a random node/code snippet is un-attaching it?

One other thing to note: if the light is attached to the camera itself, it will be locked in the view and will not move around. So it won’t bob separately but be locked in the center of the screen.

Hmm. Yeah I’ve thought more on this and I think what I want is to make the light have a slight delay on movements made by it’s attached parent if you know what I mean?
So if I turn my head to the right quickly, I want the torchlight to quickly follow but have a tiny bit of definable ‘wobble’ and ‘delay’ to it so it seems like it’s not totally fixed.

Does that make sense?

might not be you’re desired effect but works pretty well try add a spring arm as a child to the camera place it about 300 in front of the camera then ad a spot light as a child to the ring arm then start with the settings in the attached pic.