Attached Actor not following Poseable Mesh socket

Hello there!
I have set up a robotic arm as poseable mesh to rotate single bones on key press and I want it to be able to pick up actors in my scene and move them around. I already created a socket in the skeleton and used the “Attach actor to component” node to make the actor follow the socket.

That makes the actor snap to the socket (as expected). But then the actor just freezes and does not follow the socket as I move the poseable mesh.

There are no other influences on the actors transforms (even Physics disabled) and it is set to moveable. I doubt that this is just a bug. So can you tell me what might cause this problem or how to resolve it?

You are using something that is deprecated, so it probably won’t work. Would you be okay with using physics? if so a Physics handle would work great. Otherwise I would suggest making sure that your mesh is in a blueprint and that it is the root component. (if it isn’t, in the top left tree view drag your mesh over the root scene component to make it the parent)

I looked into physics handles, but it appears that this way I can not control the rotation of the grabbed Object. It is important for me to have the Object inherit the arms location as well as the rotation (like it would with a real arm). Also I didn’t find any resources on how to grab an object with another actor, that is not a character or pawn. Are you sure my method won’t work, or did I just overlook something?


ok, I see what you are trying to do now. have you tried using attach to component? this does exactly what you want, but is not deprecated. It should work for what you want. just search for this one in the menu