Attached actor loses collision?

I’ve been trying to implement blocks you can push and pull. So far, you can grasp the blocks and push/pull them in the right direction etc. The only issue is, the blocks seem to lose collision when you do so, meaning you can push them inside of walls which isn’t the intention.
The way I implemented it, I just lock the player’s movement axis etc and then call AttachToActor on the block, with the rules KeepWorld and bWeldSimulatedBodies set to true. I played around with the collision settings of the block, looked at the other answers, but I honestly have no clue how I should go about fixing this.

  • The blocks do still block the playerCharacter when attached, (so I do call Character->MoveIgnoreActorAdd(CurrentPushable); and MoveIgnoreActorRemove(…) to fix that)
  • The blocks have simulate physics turned off

tldr; I want attached actors to block the playercharacter’s movement and don’t know how.

Edit: It seems the collision does still work, but the CharacterMovement component doesn’t take the attached object into account