AttachActorToComponent not using socket rotation

I have a static mesh to which I have attached a socket. I have set a relative rotation and location on this socket and am using the mesh in a static mesh component. I am able to attach an actor to the component using the AttachActorToComponent node (specifying the socket - see the image below), but the actor does not obey the socket rotation. It does obey the socket relative location (so I know that it is attaching to the socket), but not the rotation.

This is UE 4.26.3. Is there something else I need to do to make the attached actor take on the rotation of the socket?

You have to adjust the mesh in the actor view port. Easiest approach is to play the level spawn and attach the item, then pause, eject and move the item. stop, compile, save.

Here’s a vid showing the process.

here’s another lining up a weapon.

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any problem with applying relative location to the socket, it’s relative rotation that doesn’t seem to work. Have you been able to make that work?