Attach weapon to two hands using one socket


I am trying to attach a weapon to both the left and right hand. Currently I have sockets set up for both the left and right hand. I understand I cannot add a mesh to more than one socket and as such the weapon mesh is only set to the right hand socket (this hand perminently holds the weapon). My question is how can I attach the weapon to the left hand socket as well so that it constatntly holds the weapon as well (Until the R button is pressed, at which I will detach the hand and attach the left hand socket to the clip (which is seperate from the weapon).

Thanks in advance.

Below are screenshots of the current situation. It seems as if the left hand is attached in the first printscreen however when the mouse is moved to make the camera/aim offset look up the hand is shown to not be attached.

I looked into the Merge Actor to get the ammo clip attached to the rest of the weapon and get the left hand socket attached to the ammo clip but I’m not sure how this will affect animations such as reload where the ammo clip gets pulled away from the weapon.


You can attach your weapon to one socket, get the location of both socket an calculate the vector, and then adjust the actor’s rotation accordingly for each frame using tick.