attach VR camera to cockpit (free look)

Hi, can you guys please tell me how to edit my cockpit camera, so that when I am in VR mode, i turn my head left, right, up down etc (looking around with headset) and the cockpit stays still, I am just looking around inside it.

At the moment, when i turn left, right. up and down to look around, the entire cockpit mesh moves with me. But, i dont want the cockpit to move, i only want to look around inside it, and use gamepad controls for movement etc.

Heres a screenshot, I thought if i unchecked “lock to HMD” this would fix it :frowning:

thank you,

Attach the Camera to the Cockpit instead of the other way around. Anything attached to the camera will move with the camera!

Why cant things just work? The camera is facing the cockpit window, in the editor. I run VR preview, and the camera is facing the other direction in the cockpit. If you place a camera in the pawn editor, why cant this just simply translate into the game? Do I have to add some stupid extra X Y and Z offset values in another blueprint?

it should be working straight out of the box, atleast if your steam / oculus setup is correct. Facing screen is supposed to be forward.