Attach to component

Hi guys so i gave my character a sword but it now raises up from the ground and starts to float backwards when the game starts… I did it the only way i know how which is creating a socket on the hand and attaching to said socket in the level bp but it simply goes haywire … my level bp looks like this


I suspect your sword to be set to “Simulate Physic” and / or “Gravity Enabled”. Or maybe it has a collision setup that collides with your character mesh. Either way, try to play around these settings.

did u preview mesh on socket u r attaching?? if not go to skeleton , rightclick on socket and preview the sword u r attaching and set it …

Sorry it took so long to reply guys . Yes i have looked at the mesh collision and made it so that it does not collide with either the player or the ground.And yes i previewed the mesh on the skeleton.
i will check th gravity and physics options thank you

Ok guys so i had my collision covering all my blade and not my handle not taking into acount the walk animation and the blade intersecting with the character … I simply made the collision box on the tip of the sword and that fixed my problem thanks a bunch guys :slight_smile: